Bill & Judy Kirsch

Since we first set foot on Africa’s soil in 1984, God had directed us to work with training. The foundation of any church must rest on the Word of God. A correct understanding of God’s Word is critical to the health of the church. Paul calls this “correctly handling the word of truth.” (2 Timothy 2:15)

The church in Africa is growing at a tremendous rate. It is amazing to realize that since 2000 the Assemblies of God has planted, on average, more than 10 churches a DAY! Yes, that is every single day for over twenty years.

This places a great responsibility upon leadership to disciple these new believers. Without training, there is the ever-present danger of syncretism, false doctrine, misinterpretation of the Word of God and false teaching.  God has called us to assist the churches across Africa to provide trained leaders for these new churches.

A favorite move at Christmas is “It’s a Wonderful Life” with James Stewart. There is one thing that the movie got wrong. It should have been about a pastor, rather than a bank manager. At Africa’s Hope, we have a maxim, “Healthy pastor, healthy church, healthy community.” As we train the trainers of pastors across Africa, we help to build the capacity of the church to lead the tremendous revival that is happening there.

We count it a great privilege to serve God and partner with you as we work to train leaders across Africa. Bill serves as the Provost of the Pan-Africa Theological Seminary (PAThS). If you would like to learn more about PAThS, please visit pathseminary.org.

“The church in Africa is growing… we thank God for that. But, growth without form can be dangerous.”

— Dr. John Ikoni, former Chancellor of Pan-Africa Theological Seminary and past General Secretary of Assemblies of God in Nigeria, a church with nearly 3 million members.